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Business Consulting

3 Tricks for Reaping The Benefits Of Change Volatile markets, shifting company roles—whatever is thrown your way, leading through change can make your business thrive. Organizations face a constant barrage of change, whether… Read More
Digital Transformation Requires Total Organizational Commitment By now you’ve surely heard that moving forward, every company will be a software company, and that shift is happening now as companies large and… Read More
The Only Constant is Change Change Management Lessons from the Trenches Change is constant, the need for change is increasing, and ability to manage change has become critical in order… Read More
Transformation: Manage it Right Carol Smith, Shirley Dalziel and Judith Strange provide their insight on how to make your transformation project a success We cannot afford the future unless… Read More

HR Consulting

4 Ways to Make Your Employees Love Working for You Focus on employee happiness and watch retention rates soar. Amy Buckner Chowdhry knows about making people happy--AnswerLab, the company she co-founded, helps brands connect with… Read More
How to Hire Great People–Every Time Hiring doesn't have to be hit or miss. Treat the process as the most important strategic planning your company needs, and you'll get better results.… Read More
If I Can Learn Soft Skills, So Can You – and Your Staff I have a confession to make. I once lacked some of the soft skills that I look for in the people we hire today. Yes,… Read More
Navigating the Perils of Succession Planning Introducing a greater degree of transparency in a corporation can often be a breath of fresh air, but it can also pose some potential pitfalls.For… Read More
People Make Mergers Work: The HR Imperative VIEWPOINT: Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) have a profound and significant impact on the people involved in both companies at all levels. Managing this ‘people impact’… Read More
Why Leadership-Development Programs Fail Sidestepping four common mistakes can help companies develop stronger and more capable leaders, save time and money, and boost morale. For years, organizations have lavished… Read More

Professional Coaching

12 Ways You Just Might Benefit From Executive Coaching Having been on both ends of executive coaching, I get this question all the time: What are the benefits of coaching? Or as my friend… Read More
7 Questions To Ask When Selecting An Executive Coach Picking a coach is as important as the selection of a job. But it can be tough to know what you should be looking for… Read More
Coaching an Employee Who Doesn’t Want Help Is there someone on your team who you’d like to coach, but resists your help? A high-performer who could reach further? A hard-worker who could… Read More
Executive Coaching as a Way to Improve Soft Skills for Accountants To reach their full potential, individuals who have been promoted to new leadership roles in their firms, whether they are partners, shareholders or principals, must… Read More