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Happy and satisfied clients are an important part of the Bold Aspirations mission and drive us to continue doing what we do.

“Daniela has performed at a very high level and clearly added value to the project. I very much appreciate her approach to teaming with the leadership team in India and working with many of the US leaders as well. She has strong communication skills and presents herself well. She also brings value with her objectivity and perspective. She has made sure that we had strong support from her team and keeps them focused as to priorities.”

Pam Brown, Deloitte India Regional Managing Partner

“I have had the pleasure of working with Daniela Levi for over three years. Daniela is very thorough in learning about and really understanding the unique needs of our firm and tailoring solutions that meet those needs.  She works effectively with all levels within the firm from entry level staff to the partner group. The thing that I value the most about working with Daniela is the way she guides each interaction so that the end result is interdependence within the firm as opposed to ongoing dependence on the consulting relationship.”

Debbie Ames, HR Director, Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP, CPAs & Strategic Advisors

“Daniela and Bold Aspirations have been a godsend for me personally and for my company. From thinking through nitty-gritty tactical problems, to brainstorming long-term strategic plans, she has served as an incredible guide, a coach, a resource, and a rock for me as a leader and for my company as we faced growing pains in early years related to talent, growth, and strategic planning. Daniela will help you see clearly when things are fuzzy, be a source of calm when things are chaotic, serve as a reminder of your strengths and wins when you are feeling low, and push you to higher heights as a true partner and trusted confidant. She truly cares, wants to see me be successful, and does whatever it takes to make this happen. Through every struggle, she is there with you and with every success she celebrates with you. She’s confident, she’s reliable, and her insights and experience spans both industries as well as for-profit or non-profit companies. I appreciate the way she is never afraid to dig in and do the work needed to get the outcomes right alongside you. Thank you so much Daniela for fueling me as an entrepreneur and leader!”

Megan Marcus, CEO and Founder FuelEd

“…I believe that you have exceptional intelligence, talent, and unique insight across the spectrum of work that you do, and I am always impressed with your clear insights every time we converse, in all the years that I have been in business I have not encountered any one that matches your depth of executive thinking, professionalism, and skill, and I believe you are a tremendous asset to any organization you work with. – I am not one to express my thoughts like this unless I really mean it.

I am very appreciative of all that you do in helping me re-shape my business, how I think, and how I operate, and I look forward to working with you going forward to implement and execute on the refreshed vision, plans, and strategies we worked on.”

Sam Hickson, Owner & CEO, TG Wireless

“Daniela worked with me on a very complex project to deliver a shared services centre and procurement turnaround strategy for our company. Daniela assisted with the change management process and provided support throughout the process to shift the organisation across the resistance curve and change management cycle. Her understanding, professionalism and capability to always provide objective and well articulated thoughts to the process and people was of huge value to our people in learning about behaviour & culture impact of the work required to be done. She has the skill and capability to communicate with all people across an organisation and played an integral role in guiding our people and teams during a very difficult transition journey.”
Gideon Jordaan – Independent Construction Professional (former Director at Aveng Grinaker-LTA)

Aveng Grinaker-LTA, South Africa

“Daniela has very deep communication strategy expertise to complement her strengths around change readiness assessments and the development of solutions to meet the client’s needs. Specific examples include the development of a survey and assessment tool that was expectedly refuted by some, but ultimately hailed as the mirror the company should be looking in as it sought to grow. The client was challenging in that despite hiring us, they were in denial regarding the issues and barriers they faced.

Daniela appropriately leveraged the team, but was solely responsible for creating the techniques and approaches for communications and adoption/change. She was extremely responsive to the client’s ever-changing requests. There were multiple audiences to communicate with and address and each of these had a different set of priorities. Daniela was instrumental in leading the creation of messages tailored to each audience; from core team to executive sponsors”

Vince W., former Senior Manager, Deloitte (current Consultant at Centerline Partners)

“My feeling of ‘I really wish you could stay’ probably says it all!

I found your insight, willingness to share, often unconventional view (certainly unconventional to our company!) of how to manage stakeholders in a transformation of this nature hugely helpful…you brought a calmness, thought leadership and humour to that team, all in appropriate quantities. I will really miss your honesty and sober advice – thank you for sharing that with us.”

Sannette K., Change Management Lead, Old Mutual

“Daniela’s intellectual prowess and highly refined professional skills were apparent in a multitude of ways, including her leadership in emerging fields of work (e.g., cross-cultural communications, change management, deployment of a global workforce), her relationship management skills with clients and colleagues ranging from senior executives to front-line staff, and her ability to “see around corners” by anticipating challenges and proactively addressing them. But what really distinguished Daniela from her peers was her commitment to creating community, to developing others, and to her own self-improvement.

Daniela has a natural skill when it comes to leading people, which comes through in her magnetic and infectious energy, her passion for her work, and her dedication to helping others reach their potential. As such, communities naturally form around her, and she in turn draws on resources and feedback from those communities to guide her work and find ways in which she can help its members progress toward their common goal”

Eric Berger, former Manager, Deloitte Consulting (current Global Head of Leadership and Executive Development at Citi)

“Daniela led the change team on an engagement to transform my company’s Finance and Accounting to a shared services model. She impressively understood every level of change, from daily work processes to leadership communications. Equally important, she is adept at cultural assessment and relationship building. And, she has the patience of a saint! My thanks to Daniela for a highly rewarding experience.”

Julia Wyman, USA Media Company, Change Management Lead

“What impresses me most is that she does not wait for others to make things happen, but steps forward and does just that herself. I am personally indebted by the contributions she has made in allowing me to fulfill my role better in Cape Town. She initiated a once-a-week class that I give. She manages the database, facebook page and other communication tools. And I can say without any hesitation whatsoever that for the success of the project she takes the lion’s share of the credit. This has spilled over into other social and religious events, the latest of which was a weekend away at a Safari Lodge, which was a great success. Again – the success was, without any exaggeration, largely due to Daniela’s commitment, hard work, efficiency and leadership abilities.”

Rabbi Dani Brett, Educational Director, Ohr Somayach Cape Town