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12 Ways You Just Might Benefit From Executive Coaching

Having been on both ends of executive coaching, I get this question all the time: What are the benefits of coaching? (more…)

7 Questions To Ask When Selecting An Executive Coach

Picking a coach is as important as the selection of a job. But it can be tough to know what you should be looking for in a coach, especially if you have not worked with one before.


Executive Coaching as a Way to Improve Soft Skills for Accountants

To reach their full potential, individuals who have been promoted to new leadership roles in their firms, whether they are partners, shareholders or principals, must master both technical and soft skills. (more…)

Coaching an Employee Who Doesn’t Want Help

Is there someone on your team who you’d like to coach, but resists your help? A high-performer who could reach further? A hard-worker who could grow faster?  The best managers know to coach their employees, but what if someone doesn’t want your help? How can you convince a hesitant employee that your advice is worthwhile? (more…)